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Overview | Tobacco: treating dependence | Quality standards | NICE

NICE have published the quality standard for the tobacco guidance updated in 2021: There are 5 standards services should meet to demonstrate quality:
  • Statement 1 People are asked if they use tobacco at key points of contact with a health or social care professional. [2013, updated 2022]
  • Statement 2 People who use tobacco receive advice on quitting. [2013, updated 2022]
  • Statement 3 People who want to stop using tobacco are offered tobacco cessation support and treatment by a healthcare professional. [2013, updated 2022]
  • Statement 4 People who do not want, or are not ready, to stop using tobacco in one go receive support to adopt a harm-reduction approach. [2015, updated 2022]
  • Statement 5 People who smoke receive treatment to stop smoking on admission to hospital. [new 2022]
Supporting clients who want to stop vaping

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