Southampton Smokefree Services

*NEW* CPD accredited Very Brief Advice – Stop Smoking training course

We are pleased to be able to offer CPD accredited Very Brief Advice – Stop Smoking training courses for those who meet smokers through their work. Very brief advice (VBA) can be carried out by anyone, taking as little as 30 seconds, and is known to be powerful when carried out by a health professional.  Asking about smoking and being able to signpost a smoker to a local Stop Smoking Service.

Gaining CPD accreditation for the course means that the learning activity has reached the required Continuing Professional Development standards and benchmarks. The learning value has been scrutinised to ensure integrity and quality. The CPD Certification Service provides recognised independent CPD accreditation compatible with global CPD requirements.

Continuing Professional Development enables people to adapt positively to changes in both work and industry requirements. Planning CPD helps an individual to be more efficient with their time, and recording CPD properly provides evidence of Continuing Professional Development, which can be useful for professional body obligations as well employer supervision and appraisals.

CPD shows a clear commitment to self-development and professionalism. CPD provides an opportunity for an individual to identify knowledge gaps and to resolve these in a recognisable approach to improvement. As an organisation, CPD approved courses encourage and promote a healthy learning culture, that can lead to a more fulfilled workforce and maintains our commitment to our staff.

Leena Sankla, Director of Public Health & Lifestyle Services at Solutions4Health said “Guidance from the Department of Health has identified that the systematic delivery of very brief advice (VBA) and referral of smokers to effective, evidence-based stop smoking services are a vital part of ensuring that these individuals access the most effective method of stopping smoking. We are proud to be able to offer the CPD accredited Very Brief Advice – Stop Smoking Training course to both our employees and key partners and stakeholders nationally. The accreditation process further demonstrates our commitment to gold standard Public Health interventions and improving the overall health of our local communities.”

Get in touch via if you have any queries or would like to arrange this training for your organisation.